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History of Balaios MC

The beginning

Balaios MC was founded in 1969 at Mister’s motorcycle shop in Rio de Janeiro. Our patron and founder is Blint Bob, whose leadership, brotherhood and stance are an example to be followed by all on Balaios MC. During this period, Rio de Janeiro, the former State of Guanabara, was the center of the country’s culture and counterculture. Balaios MC, at its birth, breathed this spirit of rebellion, creativity and contestation.

Throughout the 70s the club was structured, adopting the international rules common among clubs of this nature. Always using Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Balaios MC traveled several parts of the Brazilian territory.

Our history has been written since a time when highways, infrastructure, the situation in the country and motorcycles themselves made big trips a real adventure, with countless unforeseen events in which the brotherhood was tested and put into practice. This test selected and strengthened the bonds between the brothers.

Maintaining a rhythm of road motorcycling with Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Brazil at that time required a lot of dedication and a very strong union between our members.

In the 1980s, Balaios Mc took his flag to the United States of America, the birthplace of traditional motorcycling and Harley-Davidson, on a series of motorcycle trips, including the famous Sturgis meeting. There are several records of these trips, in private collections and in specialized publications of the time.

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Brotherhood and Doctrine

In the 90’s, the expansion started outside the State of Rio de Janeiro, starting from the city of São Paulo. Since then the club has nationalized its activities, always maintaining its principles and values, according to the inheritance received from Blint Bob and the other founders and veteran members of the club. These veterans forged on the road the doctrine of Balaios MC, which consists of a characteristic and unmistakable way of proceeding from a genuine member.

The practice of road motorcycling, the use of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the unconditional brotherhood between members, the honor of the word given, are some of the principles that every brother practices, based on what he is taught since a prospect at the club.
Balaios MC enters the 21st century maintaining its traditions, but without losing sight of the evolution of motorcycles and especially of society. Our growth only reinforces the awareness of the potential that comes from an honorable attitude, true friendship, firmness in the face of challenges and a solid tradition of more than fifty years.

Having reached the northern and southern ends of our great country, the Cangaceiro patch remains free on the roads and cities where he made his base, always welcoming his brothers and friends and always defending his values.

Name and Patch

The name “Balaios” is a reference to the Balaiada revolt, which occurred in the 19th century in the State of Maranhão, Brazil. The choice of this name alludes to the spirit of rebellion, unity and independence that motivated the revolt.

The original “Balaios” were people who stood up against the oppression and injustice of imperial power, who organized themselves to resist and fight for better living conditions for themselves and their families.

The surviving warriors of the Balaiada later formed the first groups of cangaceiros, in the interior of the States of the Northeast region of Brazil. This name is a tribute to the genuinely Brazilian origin of our motorcycle club, and incorporates the symbol of the cangaceiro: men of honor and courage, united among themselves and faithful to their ideals.

Nowadays, the name “Balaios” carries with it a heritage founded on national history, but it also represents the international doctrine and rules for traditional motorcycle clubs: The three-piece patch, the process of selecting and training new members, the brotherhood and posture. And more importantly, the practice of road motorcycling as the main activity of the club.

The name of our club, as well as our patch and other symbols are a source of pride and honor to all members.

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